• Each of our garments has been engineered using 4 layers of smart moisture-wicking fabrics with bonded seams; tried, tested and triumphant in controlling leaks.

    1. The black inside layer is for discreet protection with bonded seams; tried and tested and triumphant in averting leaks.

    There is an absorbency layer next to this that can hold up to 30-40ml of liquid.

    The third layer is leak proof, so you can get on with your day!

    The final layer is an environmental protection material, which is silky smooth and strong, making these panties super durable.

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how to take care of your barepanties 🫧

Washable and reusable barepanties could not be easier and environmentally friendly to take care of.

Simply throw into your washing machine on cold with your other laundry or rinse and hand wash in lukewarm water.

Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

Hang up your barepanties and wait for them to fully dry before putting away. No ironing please.

common questions

How long can one pair of barepanties be worn while I have my period?
We suggest that you change your barepanties underwear as often as you would 4 tampons, this is about 10 hours a day. Your period flow will vary across the various days of your menstrual cycle and so listen to your body and reference our flow chart for guidance for the best absorbency level and panties.

How many barepanties undies will I need?
3 to 5 pairs will allow you to wash, dry and rotate your undies.

Are barepanties just for periods?
get that extra bit of security and keep comfortable and dry (and looking fabulous at all times), whether during sport, pre or post pregnancy, light leakage due to illness and recovery.

Are barepanties a worthy investment?
barepanties are a quality investment and a saving in the long run. Wash and use again and barepanties will last you for years to come. Our bundle 5 packs are less than the average yearly spend on sanitary disposable products.

Are period panties better than tampons or pads?
Our barepanties are far superior and eco-friendly. Please check out 'our purpose' page for more information.

I am hesitant about switching and fitting period panties into my routine!
Our barepanties are ideal modern wear; even though our panties include four layers, the inner layers are so thin that they can be barely noticed. They are wrapped with-in a super soft outer layer that feels like regular, everyday underwear and are more comfortable than sanitary pads. A solution to irritating tampons and less messy than using menstural cups. Never get caught out again; with barepanties your always ready.