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  • Everyone knows that consumer goods have a huge impact on our planet and disposable sanitary products are no exception. Tampons in particular contain up to 90% plastic, which take around 500 years to break down. More than 69 billion single use sanitary products are consumed each year - the majority of which end up in either land-fill or being incinerated.

    Disposable sanitary products also contain polyethylene plastic, dioxin, chlorine and rayon; all extremely harmful pollutants to the body and the earth! These chemicals then slowly soak into the earths surface, which are ultimately released as polution into groundwater and air.

    In the UK, single use sanitary products are actually one of the most frequently collected items in beach clean-ups, with an average of 5 pieces picked up every 100 metres. These micro plastics are then consequently found in almost every other part of our precious planet - the ocean, inside animals and in our food!

    With this in mind, each barepanty purchase prevents the equivalent of 400 disposable sanitary products from going into landfill. Multiply that by the number of women on the planet - that equals change.

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Every component of our panties has been tested for harmful substances and therefore are harmless for human health. Testing takes into account numerous regulated and non-regulated substances, which may be harmful to human health.